Thursday, September 18, 2008

Still Moving Forward

There's not a lot to report on our way to traveling. We did purchase a Thousand Trails membership which will help with our budget. We are still shopping for a Grand Cherokee to tow behind the coach and we are still clearing away clutter and junk.

I had a nice "see you in the spring" lunch with Chris and Bridgit on Tuesday. We chatted and giggled our way through a nice Mexican lunch and said our farewells.

Twelve more days and we will be on the road! (But who's counting?)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Today we continued our preparations for our departure on October 1. We recently replaced our starter batteries for the coach and now it was time to replace the house batteries. Six of them!! We took the coach to All Battery Sales in Everett which is a short drive away. We were told that it is the largest battery distibutor in the west.
After a short wait, Doug backed the coach into one of the many bays and the work began. First the old batteries were removed and that was a chore. There was a lot of corrosion and dirt and a lot of cleaning involved.
After the guys (Steve and Doug) inspected the empty compartment, they cleaned it thoroughly and prepared it for the new batteries by spraying it with a corrosion preventative. They also sprayed all of the parts that were going to be reused, like the cables and hold-downs.
And, voila, the almost finished job! Everything looks bright and clean and most important of all........we have battery power again! Steve was sure a nice person to work with. He answered every question I had in detail and even showed me how to use a hydrometer. So, that was our excitement for the day. Batteries cost a small fortune, but are a necessary evil in a motorhome.

We made a quick stop at Winco for some groceries and returned to Cedar Grove Shores RV Park to finish our departure plans.
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