Saturday, August 08, 2009

Storage Unit

We moved to a new site in La Conner Thousand Trails and it looks very much like the one we just left. It is a little wider, so we have room for our mat and chairs under the awning. And we have two picnic tables. (We rarely use even one.)

But, the best part is we have phone service now. It drives us crazy when no one can get a hold of us. Plus, I have been doing laundry like crazy. It's nice having a sewer site and not conserving water.

The storage unit is now at the top of our minds and yesterday Bridgit, Chad and the kids brought their truck over to load it up with treasures. They took home our large Costco barbeque, the spare tires off of Doug's van and a few small treasures for the kids. This left us with a nice hole in which to work in the unit. Now comes the fun part of deciding what to keep and what to sell and how to sell it.

Monday, August 03, 2009

La Conner

We're back in the La Conner Thousand Trails park and enjoying the slightly cooler temps.

Our site is snuggled in the trees (which Doug hates) but it stays a little cooler and we haven't had to use the air conditioning at all. We managed to get a satellite signal and no phone signal. We have driven all over the park trying to find a decent Verizon signal. I don't believe there is one.

Yesterday, we took a ride into Burlington and found a neat used bookstore and next to it was a store that buys estates and then sells the stuff.

This was sitting outside and it looks just like a UFO. We used to play a computer game called Myst with the exact transporter in it.

Doug couldn't resist testing it out.

Tomorrow, we are moving to a different site that has a sewer connection and satellite signal. Hopefully, we'll have better power and maybe a tiny phone signal. We'll let you know!