Monday, August 23, 2010

Flying Air Conditioner Covers

Crazy winds pushed us right out of Rushmore Shadows, north on I-90. We were buffeted for quite a few miles while listening to strange noises on the roof. Then, BAM......Doug watched in the rear mirrors as the air conditioner shroud flew behind us onto the freeway.

He pulled over as quickly as possible at 70 mph, then ran back to try and retrieve the cover. Thank heavens there weren't any cars behind us when it blew off. The shroud isn't heavy but it is large and sure could do some damage if it had hit someone.

The surprising part is that Doug had checked both of the covers when he was on the roof just before we left the park. Later we were told that the material becomes very brittle after several years under the hot sun and will just snap if the wind gets underneath.

We continued on another 20 miles after stowing the pieces in the car until we came to the Bulldog Creek Campground. The office was empty with instructions to proceed with a self-check-in. Half of the park has been shut down already for the winter. Their moneymaker time is the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

As soon as we got settled, we jumped in the car and headed back to Rapid City to try and find a new air conditioner shroud. Green Star RV had one they said would be a good substitute but after comparing it with the destroyed one, it was apparent that we would need to order the correct one.

Our plan (carved in jello) was to begin our journey south on Wednesday but that will probably change since we need to wait for our purchase. Hopefully Thursday or Friday.

Pics tomorrow of the park.

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