Saturday, August 28, 2010

Heading South

With the temperatures dropping at night, we have had to turn the heaters on so it's time to head back south. During the day we've been experiencing temps in the high eighties and low nineties but we have such thin blood now that we don't like being cold.

We packed up the coach and headed south on Hwy 14A through Deadwood again. Oops, I didn't realize that there was a huge car show this weekend. Stop and go traffic through town cost us close to an hour although Doug thoroughly enjoyed the old cars. I was nervous as heck cuz he was watching the cars when I thought he should be focusing on the stopped car in front of us. But we made it through without a problem.

From there is was an lovely, easy drive through the Black Hills National Forest and into Wyoming. Once we crossed into Wyoming, the roads seemed to become much nicer for travel.

We stopped at several historical markers including this scenic view over Salt Creek Overlook.

The view was spectacular and Doug took lots of pictures.

But what you didn't see in the above photo is the barb wire fence he climbed over to stand on that rock overlooking the valley. Sometimes he drives me crazy. (Although he wasn't the first to do so considering the condition of the barb wire fence.)

By 5 pm we had covered a little over 200 miles and arrived in the town of Lingle, WY. Another Passport America park, Pony Soldier RV Park, was waiting for us with a mostly empty park.

Doug chose a site at the end of a row with a little shade, a picnic table and lots of privacy.

It's not a fancy park but the owner is friendly and helpful. There's a nice laundry room (which we don't need) as well as a book exchange (which I always need).

We'll be here a few days because there is quite a bit to see in this area.

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Dick & Jackie said...

We visited Fort Laramie yesterday and are now in Sundance. We waved when you went South and we North. LOL