Friday, August 27, 2010

Running Around

Whew......what a busy day running errands. A little after noon we received a call that our new air conditioner shroud had arrived at Green Star RV.

We already had a couple bags of unnecessary stuff loaded in the car for Goodwill, so we dropped that off on our way into Rapid City. And we didn't even buy anything more!

Then we went to Green Star Rv for the shroud and a new motor for the bathroom fan. Ouch....that stop was expensive, but nice people to deal with. Around the corner was an auto parts store where Doug picked up some paint to make the shroud match the coach.

From there we went to Americas Mailbox to pick up our mail before we leave town and then a quick stop at a pawn shop we passed. Doug is looking for a used lapidary saw but no luck there.

After filling the gas tank, we hit the grocery store and finally got home about 7 pm. Pooped!

Still, Doug found time to paint the air conditioner cover and while it was drying he climbed up on the roof to dismantle the bathroom fan. With my expert help (lol), he changed out the fan motor, put it back together and turned the switch. It worked.....yay!

It was after dark by the time he reinstalled the new air conditioner shroud on the roof and we called it a day.


Miller's said...

Besides having FUN, you seem to be rebuilding your RV one item at a time.....less costly that way!! Enjoyed the pics, and feel like we are along with you on the trip...except we don't get to see as much as you do...LOL

Linda and Doug said...

Hi Doug & Diane! Thanks for the kind words. Wish you were here with us!